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How does rule run in background?

Question asked by lista on Jun 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2009 by lista

I'm having the following problem:

There's a rule (set to trigger on Inbound), that takes a document, copies it to another space while adding some aspects.
In process, rule checks whether a certain space hierarchy exists, and if it doesn't, it creates it.

My problem begins when six identical documents sit in the space where the rule is active, identical in every way except the file name and content itself.
The rule will successfully go through for the first five, however, it will thrown an error for the sixth one. At this moment, I have only one document left in the space. When I reapply rule once more for the remaining one document, everything will go OK again.

This leads me to believe that rule functions OK, but that I'm missing something when it comes to rule triggering.

Does anyone have an good links, articles, or any advice?