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How to change name property in metadata extracter ?

Question asked by dacia_berlina on Jun 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2009 by dacia_berlina
I create a custom metadata extracter in order to gather some additional information (i just add some code to a copy of OfficeMetadataExtracter).
Now, when i add an office document to alfresco, some custom properties and even some default properties(like: title, description) automaticaly receiv some values chosen by me.
But, i was unable to change the name property of the document.
I used putRawValue method:

           putRawValue("alfname", "New NAME chosen by Me", rawProperties);
           putRawValue("alfdesc", "my file description", rawProperties);
and alfname is declared in custom-metadata-extractors-context.xml:

           <prop key="alfname">cm:name</prop>
           <prop key="alfdesc">cm:description</prop>

Does anybody know how to change the name property ? Or, it is impossible to change it in the extracter ?