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Content Model : Best practices

Question asked by dranakan on Jun 30, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2010 by viralshah
Hello :)

I am creating my CustomModel but I am not sure to use the best method. Jeff Potts advise to not create unnecessary content model depth… but I don't know where is the limit…

In my logic, I want to create a Tree where a use inheritance to share the common properties. I also regroup documents together.
For example, if I want to store some Invoices (Debtor and Creditor where in Creditor I want to store the "BVR" which is a code reference). This is for a compagny having many firms (that's why idFirm). My tree is like this :

                               ->me: Invoices (properties : idFirm, idInvoice)
                                             ->me:Invoices_Creditor (properties : BVR)
(me:doc is child of cm:content, …)

Is it a good way to represent this like this ? Or should I create under me:doc directly two types (Invoices_Debtor and Invoices_Creditor) which have each an idFirmInvoice_x et idInvoice_x ?

Can I also create mother types with no property to regroup the types ? For exemples in a school : I have some notes (final notes and half years notes) is it a good way to do like this :

                                             ->me:notes (properties : year)
                                                      ->me:halfYear (properties : month)
(me:doc is child of cm:content, …)
Here I have regrouped the notes under school which have no properties. If I have a new type of document concerning school, I can easy put it under me:school and my model keep a logical structure in Tree.
Have you best pratices to create a updatable in time content model ?