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Problems starting Tomcat

Question asked by larsp777 on Jul 1, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2009 by jarrett
I have got Alfresco working fine but then after using an earlier installation point because of other trouble, it didn't work.

Then when I tried to start tomcat I got an error with Java_Home.

I installed JDK from Sun intead of with the installation. That problem then was gone but then I got:

Windows cannot find ´C:\Alfresco\Java\Jre6\bin\bin\Java´.

That would be logic if I didn't install Java with Alfresco I suppose but I don't know where to change the path.

However even when I chose to install Java with Alfresco the Java JDK folder didn't appear in the Alfresco folder as it did when it worked.

Totally confused