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Active Directory + CIFS

Question asked by dyvyak on Jul 2, 2009
Hi everyone. I spent over one week to figure out how to configure alfresco labs 3.1 active directory and cifs authentication. I tried NTLM, LDAP, Kerberos. I think i have read all post about it, but i'm lost now.
I'm able to configure authentication against MS AD , but then CIFS not working. Today i tried to configure kerberos step by step according but don't work anyway.
I'm using windows server 2003 domain enviroment. Also i have read in forums that no one successfully configured Kerberos, so i don't know if is it possible at all.
All i want to accomplish is authenticate alfresco web explorer and share users against MS Active Directory and CIFS up and running too for those users.
Can someone help?
Thanks for reply.