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Access Control and search not working - solved

Question asked by itettex on Jul 2, 2009

we are using Alfresco 3.0.0 for some months now. As we we grow we have introduced user groups to allow/ deny access to information.
Therefore we have not inherited the permissions from the above folders were applicable but set them seperately.

We have introduced a group called company with subgroups manager and employee to seperate the permissions. By chance we found that the employee can not see the content reserved for manager (wanted) but they can gain access to the documents by the search functionality. Then full access is granted :-(

Is there an error in the way I think or is this a bug?.. Has anybody a working version with permissions and seperation?




Solved: The permissions for the folders were inherited from the first layer but by chance the group company was also given access in the 3rd or 4th hirarchy of the folder structure.