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Content Type not in Advanced Search

Question asked by jk3us on Jul 2, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2009 by chandu7ee
I've set up a content type and an aspect… almost everything is working correctly with them: I can set objects to be of the type and have the aspect, i can set all their properties correctly.  I'm now trying to set up search and am having a couple of problems:

1) I can't get the new type to appear in the "Content Type" drop down on the advanced search page.
2) I got some "Additional Options" to show up, but entering values there doesn't seem to have an effect on the search results.

From web-client-config-custom.xml:

   <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Advanced Search">
                <type name="c4k:image" />
                <meta-data type="c4k:image" property="c4k:image_type" display-label-id="c4k_image_type" />
                <meta-data aspect="c4k:Cure4KidsMetadata" property="c4k:language" display-label-id="c4k_language" />
                <meta-data aspect="c4k:Cure4KidsMetadata" property="c4k:context" display-label-id="c4k_context" />
                <meta-data aspect="c4k:Cure4KidsMetadata" property="c4k:obj_location" display-label-id="c4k_obj_location" />
                <meta-data aspect="c4k:Cure4KidsMetadata" property="c4k:event_location" display-label-id="c4k_event_location" />
                <meta-data aspect="c4k:Cure4KidsMetadata" property="c4k:date" display-label-id="c4k_date" />
                <meta-data aspect="c4k:Cure4KidsMetadata" property="c4k:exp_date" display-label-id="c4k_exp_date" />
                <meta-data aspect="c4k:Cure4KidsMetadata" property="c4k:rights_restricted" display-label-id="c4k_rights_restricted" />
                <meta-data aspect="c4k:Cure4KidsMetadata" property="c4k:rights_description" display-label-id="c4k_rights_description" />
                <meta-data aspect="c4k:Cure4KidsMetadata" property="c4k:reading_level" display-label-id="c4k_reading_level" />
                <meta-data aspect="c4k:Cure4KidsMetadata" property="c4k:audience" display-label-id="c4k_audience" />

Is there something else I need to add to get the new type to appear in the drop down?

Why does searching on the properties of that aspect not seem to change the search results?