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Basic question about development needs

Question asked by hanoul on Jul 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2009 by hanoul
I have noticed in various articles and an Alfresco book that the first thing they do is "build Alfresco from the source", or "importing the SDK".
Being a novice, I don't understand why you can't modify an Alfresco installation directly on the installed files.
1- Is it possible to "import" all the files from an Alfresco installation into Eclipse and work on them, and re-deploy them?
2- What is the difference between "building and Alfresco from the source" and "building an Alfresco from the SDK"?
3- How does any of the 2 above can be used for an installation?
4- I have Alfresco 3.1 installed on a Windows machine. I need to either modify process definition files for an existing workflow, or create new advanced workflows.
I was wondering if I can do that directly on my installation, or I have to start from the source, or SDK?

Thanks for your help.