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AMP web-client-custom.xml overrides other UI customizations

Question asked by cryptomatt on Jul 3, 2009
We have developed an AMP which specifies a set of UI customizations through web-client-custom.xml. Our module depends on the Records Management AMP and we have noticed that all the UI customizations that the records management AMP did are being overwritten by the customizations of our module.

To solve this problem, we ended up adding all the <config> statements from the records management AMP into our module. Is this a known problem? I always assumed that web-client-custom.xml changes were additive and never overrode any previous definition unlesswe indicate the "replace=true" option. For e.g

Records Management AMP has
<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Space Wizards">
         The list of custom folder types to show in the advanced space wizard
         <type name="rma:filePlan" description="File Plan" />

but this disappears once our module becomes active.

what could be the problem?

we are using Alfresco Enterprise 3.1

thanks in advance