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web scripts vs web service

Question asked by ra74 on Jul 3, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2009 by rivetlogic
What's the advantage of using web scripts over web services ?

Currently alfresco acts as a standalone black box repository server and I'm using web service client to perform
* CRU(D) operations on a node
* search by metadata
* getting children of a node
* browsing node history and getting specific version of a node
Performance is quite important because it stores and serves CMS content though we have caching mechanism between alfresco and cms server and it helps a lot

+ java api
+ very easy to use, I don't need to parse results
+ no custom extension to the alfresco I have to take care during upgrade
- in general web services are not considered as 'light'
- there're errors in the apache axis implementation (we have fixed one quite severe)
- there's no reliable method to get all the children of a node

We're going to upgrade from alfresco 2.1 to coming 3.2 and I'm wondering if it's worth to change method of access to the alfresco