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Castor and Share

Question asked by loftux on Jul 3, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2009 by loftux
I've tried to use the alfresco2castor with Share. With standard Alfresco and the workspace://SpacesStore it works just fine.
But Share wants to persist data in avm://sitestore, and this does not work.
I reconfigured the
<bean id="avmRepository" class="org.alfresco.repo.avm.AVMRepository">
to use the castorContentStore, but that didn't help.
The only error i get is (regardless of the avmRepository bean is set to fileContentStore or castorContentStore)
13:44:39,929 INFO  [org.alfresco.web.framework.ModelObjectManager] Unable to save object: user/admin/dashboard of type: page to persister: RemoteStore_alfresco/site-data/pages_page due to error: Unable to save object: user/admin/dashboard.xml due to error: Unable to create document path: user/admin/dashboard.xml in remote store: alfresco due to error: 
Has anyone had success with using Share and Castor?
I'm trying this on 3.1.1, mysql.