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XML metadata extracter

Question asked by golden_eye on Jul 3, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2011 by romschn
Hello everybody
i am new member here.and i need help.
Please give me some advise how to start with metadata extraction for xml file.
I have read on wiki about Metadata Extraction but that  didnt lead  me to the successful implementation.
So i  turned to the community to ask .
How to write metadata extracter for my custom properties define in aspect?
On source code i found some XML metadata classes.
Which classes do i need implement in java?
After that the configuration is simple as i understand.The next step is to register my extracter in extension folder in custom-metadata-extractor-context.xml.
And add for my properties from aspect?
Is that right way?
And run action extract common metadata from fields?
And should work?

Sorry for my english.
Thanks a lot for any answer. :)