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Alfresco 3.2 & Oracle 10g work together??

Question asked by nitis on Jul 6, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2009 by nitis
Hi everyone,

I am having problems trying to connect Alfresco with a Oracle 10g database…

I've read lot of posts and documentation but I coldn't configure it properly.

My first question is if it is possible to connect an Alfresco Labs 3.2 instance with a Oracle 10g database, because some people say that it's possible but another people say no… And now I am not sure who is right…

I have tried configuring the and, locating the connector for Oracle in the proper folder, in Tomcat tomcat/lib, and I have a database with an alfresco user and schema..

Plase, could anyone give me a hand with this matter??

Thanks in advance.