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WCM Webscript freezes during execution

Question asked by mistigi on Jul 6, 2009
I am developing a webscript that accepts uploaded content from user. However the script freezes when I am trying to assign content to nodeRef

    var nodeRef = avm.lookupNode(storeid + ":/www/avm_webapps/ROOT/test.vm");
    if (nodeRef == undefined)
        status.code = 500;
        status.message = "Node " + storeid + ":/www/avm_webapps/ROOT/test.vm not found.";
        status.redirect = true;

    nodeRef.content = "New Test content";   //<—- FREEZES in this line

The script stops execution in the line where I am assigning content. The browser keeps open connection and nothing happens (no errors). I was waiting several minutes but the browser was still keeping connection open. Whats even more strange this script used to work last week.

Previously I had same problem with "submitAssets" call which I gave up on. However this one I need to get to work.

Any suggestions ? This is Alfresco Enterprise v3.1.0 (142)