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[Resolved] Custom properties of a document

Question asked by dranakan on Jul 7, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2009 by jayjayecl

:arrow: The Goal
I try to change the properties (details) pages for a document. I can do and it work if I change the /jsp/content/document-details.jsp.
I would like to set the path(s) which aim to "/jsp/content/document-details.jsp" to "/jsp/extension/document-details.jsp"

:arrow: How to do and my problem :
The documentation says that we have to modify the "faces-config.xml", it doesn't work for me.

If I look the file to specified (/WEB-INF/faces-config-navigation.xml) comments shows information about "showDocDetails", which  could point to "/jsp/content/document-details.jsp" :
…<!– Browse screen action outcomes –>
      <!– showDocDetails and showSpaceDetails moved to /jsp/* above –>

:arrow: My conclusion :

I think that the specification of the path to "/jsp/content/document-details.jsp" has changed but not the documentation.

One people has done that like that :, but he also needs to change manualy the "/jsp/content/document-details.jsp" to works with recent version of Alfresco.  Annonce that he needs to change manualy :
I could not get Alfresco to see the new jsp in the extensions directory (alfresco.war\jsp\extension), so I just updated the original jsp (alfresco.war\jsp\content).
:arrow: One solution

I have search and find that the file giving the path is web-client-config-dialogs.xml. I can change inside this path and it works.

<dialog name="showDocDetails" page="/jsp/content/document-details.jsp" managed-bean="DocumentDetailsDialog"
                 icon="/images/icons/details_large.gif" title-id="details_of" description-id="documentdetails_description" show-ok-button="false"
                 error-message-id="empty_message" />
:arrow: Need confirmation
Do I create a web-client-config-dialogs-custom.xml in my module to specify that properties details are in "/jsp/extension/document-details.jsp".  :?:
Is This part of documentation depreciated :?: