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IMAP working, but...

Question asked by andreas.wilmsmeier on Jul 7, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2009 by andreas.wilmsmeier
I have downloaded Alfresco 3.2lab and have successfully installed it. I have activated IMAP support and its working with MS Outlook 2007 as an IMAP client. However, I faced some issues I could not resolve following the instructions I had:

I dragged and dropped an Email from my Email account in to the Alfresco IMAP folders corresponding to my document library. In Outlook this object is listed as an Email with subject line, and shown in Email format. In Alfresco Share, it is listed with a meaningless technical name, such as "message_501.eml" and there is no preview available.
==> Question: How can I make Alfresco show the subject line instead of the technical document name? Or how can I make Alfresco actually use the subject as the document name? Would there be a way to preview the "eml" document in Alfresco share?

Documents I stored in an Alfresco document library are shown in Outlook with just the meta data (title, author, dates, …).
==> Is there a way to have the actual document attached to the "virtual" Email shown in Outlook?

I am pretty new to Alfresco and completely new to its IMAP support, so any help greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance,