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Regd modification of Web Site Submission Workflow

Question asked by dynamolalit on Jul 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2010 by dynamolalit

I want to customize "website submission workflow" which we use for a web project.As per its default flow when content creator creates content using a web-project,content is submitted to content editor where editor can see the review task in his "Tasks to do" dashlet.Editor can open the task & clicks on "Approve" button to approve the content.Now workflow points to content creator where creator can see the approved content as task in his "Tasks to do" dashlet.Now when creator clicks on "Task Done" button,content is actually deployed from Creator sandbox to Editor sandbox.Here we are using ASR deployment to deploy content from Creator sandbox to Editor sandbox.
As per our project requirement ,we want that as soon as editor approves the content,the content should be deployed from Creator's sandbox to Editor's sandbox so that content creator need not to do "Task done" to deploy content.How can we achieve this?Can it be done by changing appropriate configuration files?Or do we need to write our own customized workflow?If so, are there any docs??