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[Resolved] Showing your custom information

Question asked by dranakan on Jul 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2009 by dranakan

I need some advises about the creation of custom output. As I know, we can showing custom information with :

    Webscript : we can show a page using freemarker, rss, html, xml, atom, json, …
    Dashlet : we use a webscript to show a little page inside the dashboard
    Webstudio and WCM : Creation of sites (inside Alfresco)
    Surf : we create an external war and can develop some pages (new site)
But, how do I do to show a custom jsp  ?  (I would like to show information inside the jsp like : "/jsp/content/document-details.jsp"  but not showing the menu. I do a copy of it and put it inside /jsp/extension/. How can I access it by the browser? Does I create a webscript which redirect to this jsp ?):?: