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Define attributes dynamically by Content Manager/Editor

Question asked by phani_av on Jul 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2009 by jbarmash
Hi all,

I'm working on one non-typical requirement where in as an Alfresco Content Editor or Content Manager, I should be able to add in new attributes on metadata of an already defined content type.
It necessarily needn't be as the property on the existing content type, could be in any way but should be able to define new attributes on content types.

I have looked at Dynamic Content Modeling too, but again we felt that it was some engineer's time that's burnt here (which we don't want to do).

Any thoughts around it? I know this is not one of the best practices in the ECM world, but is there any way of doing it by some means in Alfresco?
We're on Alfresco 3.1.

Thanks for running this through your minds and putting your thoughts here.