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Obtain a List with a constraint list allowed values

Question asked by falcon on Jul 9, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by gawadesk
I have defined a custom type metadata, like this:

   <constraint name="my:constraintList" type="LIST">
      <parameter name="allowedValues">
            <value>OPTION 1</value>
            <value>OPTION 2</value>
            <value>OPTION 3</value>
      <parameter name="caseSensitive">
<type name="my:typeTest">
   <title>TEST TYPE</title>
         <property name="my:propertyTest">
            <title>TEST PROPERTY</title>
              <constraint ref="my:constraintList" />

How can I have a List in Java or Javascritp of the allowed values of my constraint to send it by a webscript?

Thanks for help :)