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Shortcut paths & Listing checked out documents

Question asked by benw on Jul 9, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2009 by benw
Hi all,

Firstly, a quick question - does anyone know a way of a user being able to see what documents are currently checked out? E.g. sometimes someone will forget to update and check-in the latest copy of a document and we're worried that they may then be unavailable (on holiday/vacation) when the document is next needed. Ideally, we'd like a way to click on a link and display any documents that have a working copy and filtering only the documents that have the user as the modifier. Is this possible?


Several of our users use shortcuts (as explained here:

Say we have a folder structure of: Company Home/A/B/C

The user logs in and is redirected to the Company Home page. The user then clicks on the shortcut to C.
The breadcrumb at the top of the page now shows Company Home -> C

However, the user now wants to navigate back to B.. there is no link in the breadcrumbs (despite that being the parent directory of C) so instead the user has to either have a shortcut with the parent folder (which in a complicated file structure means lots of folders) or has to manually navigate through the hierarchy. Is there a way to change this behaviour so that if the user clicked on C the breadcrumbs would show the actual path (e.g. Company Home/A/B/C) rather than just the route the user took?

Thanks in advance,