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[Resolved] Return int value with character nbsp inside

Question asked by dranakan on Jul 9, 2009
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My bad webscript return somes values but when it is int, it write the value with a space inside :

60 000
where the space between 60 and 000 is the character "nbsp" (view with sniffer)

to return value, I do :

<#if['sg:invoiceNb']?exists & (['sg:invoiceNb']?length !=0)>
                     <#assign val = "${['sg:invoiceNb']}"/>
I know how to replace some characters

<#assign val = "${['sg:invoiceNb']}"?replace('\'','')?replace('.','')?replace(',','')?replace(';','')?replace(':','')?replace(' ','')/>

How can I return value without this space  :?: