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Rollout Process

Question asked by norgan on Jul 10, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2009 by norgan
Hi there,
I want to encourage a better role out process of new community versions. The software is there all right, but to get (new) people going, there is more to it - beeing called  :shock:  documentation   :shock:
a) README.txt and installation documentation are often not up to date
b) different paths (full bundle setup, tomcat bundle setup, war bundle file) differ in description
c) setup bundles contents is not explained (use of bin directory, for instance)
d) linux : console setup differs from gui setup

Obviously, the builds are taken from the wiki, but it is not checked, that the wikis are up to date.

As a solution, I suggest something like a "documenting week" with a beta release and a final release with updated docs. And to assure people join in, before clicking the download button, people have to pledge updating the wiki. This has to be documented by webcam capture, which has to be uploaded and is published on youtube.

Aehm … o well …. forget about the video pledge part. If Alfresco wants to keep it in smaler circles, I volunteer helping in the documenting weeks to come.

Take care, Norgan