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Upgrade Alfresco 3 Stable to 3.2 has problem T^T

Question asked by luckyo on Jul 11, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2009 by zarzuela
Dear all people in there ^^.

I have some problem when I try to upgrade from Alfresco 3stable Community to Alfresco 3.2 Community.

Process That I migrate are
1. copy alf_data from (Alfresco 3.0)
2. dump database
3. Install new Alfresco Coumunity 3.2  :D
4. Try running new Alfresco , it works as well.

5. I replace "alf_data"
6. And Restore database
7. Setting "Full" for generate new lucene index

But it shows error like this
12:03:10,080 User:System INFO  [admin.patch.PatchExecuter] Checking for patches to apply …
12:03:10,247 User:System INFO  [admin.patch.PatchExecuter]      Applying patch  'patch.authorityDefaultZonesPatch' (Adds groups and people to the appropriate zones for wcm, share and everything else.).

12:03:25,014 User:System ERROR [admin.patch.PatchExecuter] 06110005
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Non-unique path: found : /app:company_home/app:user_homes 0

Could all give me the right way how to solve this problem ? I am newbie in alfresco.

I am sure that i didnt delete "user homes" from default alfresco.

Thank you in advance.