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Printstream archive (multi-document, single file)

Question asked by rofltrain on Jul 13, 2009
I'm looking at using Alfresco for a printstream archive.

We send out statements to our clients, as well as capture other documents about them (e.g. application forms), and also email correspondence and phone logs. I would like a way to combine all of that into one view of our client's history.

I'll get to the other document types in a minute, but the first big one is printstream. We produce a single postscript file for a whole print run. There could be 50,000 statements in that print run. I would like a way where we can create a document for each client for that statement, but have it reference the print file. (e.g. store against the document the print file filename, starting page number and page count). Then, when the user wants to view the document, a custom content handler goes to the print file, extracts the pages and converts to a PDF on the fly.

I'd also like to overlay base stock images as well, but that can be handled in the content handler.  I can write the postscript extraction / conversion handler, but does the rest of this sound feasible?

Secondly, regarding Email correspondence and phone logs. Is there a way to easily save emails into Alfresco from outlook? I know you can go "file/save as", but there's a few nifty plugins for sharepoint which show a content repository as a folder within outlook that you can drag / drop to. Would this be a custom Outlook plugin I'd need to code?

Third, phone logs. This would be a simple list stored against the client record. A new entry woudl be added in manually via the web interface. Feasible?

Fourth, volumes. How do you think Alfresco will handle millions of document pages (e.g. each print run is 50,000 documents of 3 pages each. There's a print run every month. There's additionally 3 or 4 other documents per client).

Fifth , Integration. We have a customer portal where they can view their previous statements. How easy is it to retrieve a list of documents filtering on type and ID (e.g. display all "STATEMENTS" for Customer 1234) via webservices. The auth would be handled by our portal.A