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repository query acts different alfresco 3.1 VS 3.2

Question asked by malfresco on Jul 13, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2009 by igdolmo
I have a small client written in C# (.NET 2.0) able to browse alfresco repositories.
Recently I've upgrade alfresco to version 3.2. And I'm not able anymore to get certain information from the repositiory.

One of the main issues is that I don't get the same information from the ResultSetRow

C# pseudo snipets…

myUuid is a valid uuid.

           using RepositoryWebService;

            //the provider creates a valid authenticated (including security headers) service using the information
            //stored into custom someConnection object(e.g. user, ticket, etc);
            RepositoryService service =  WebServicesProvider.createRepositoryService(someConnection);

            Query query =  new Query();
            query.statement = "@sys\\:node-uuid:\"" + myUuid + "\"";
            Store spacesStore = new Store();
            spacesStore.scheme = StoreEnum.workspace;
            spacesStore.address = "SpacesStore";

            QueryResult queryResult = service.query(spacesStore,query,true);
            if (queryResult != null && queryResult.resultSet.rows != null)
                foreach (ResultSetRow row in queryResult.resultSet.rows)
                    //do somenthing to the first(and the only one matching uuid)
                    //here row.columns contains just one NamedValue ("{}path")
                    //using alfresco 3.1 I get here a lot of info (owner, created date etc) with alfresco 3.2 I get just the path….

Is that the correct behavior, not to provide anynore info about the founded item?
Or is a bug iun the new version (3.2)

To mention that queryChilds seams that returns well populated ResultSetRow (but not when the uuid is the id of an user home space!!! in that case it dosen't find any child into it)

Thanks in advance,