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Few questions on Afresco Repo - templates and rules

Question asked by mtl22 on Jul 13, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2010 by iblanco

Currently we are in the process of evaluation of Alfresco Explorer and Repo.

Based on Webinars, Wiki, and other docs I found out that some of features we need may be missing.
My post is to make sure that my supposes are right/wrong.

1. I'm aware that there is a extensible template engine in Alfresco Repo.
Is there a build-in functionality that will let third-party app pass data to one Repo Foundation Services, and base on PDF templete(ArcoForm) stored in Repo create real PDF document ?
In case of no, how painful the extension will be. Assuming we will use java iText lib, in other words what have to be done ?

2. I'm aware of spaces and rules that can be applied to incoming content.
Assuming that someone drop in the XLS file to repo basing on content of this file I would like to create arbitrary number of different files i.e new file for each row in XLS.
I believe that there is now out of the box solution for this, and we will need to create customized rule for content. So the question is it feasible and what have to be done ?

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