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CIFS troubles

Question asked by robr on Jul 13, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2010 by marcobusetto
I'm really at a loss here, I spent this weekend playing with Alfresco and I can't even get the simplest of things to work… namely CIFS.  I installed this on a Windows machine.  I created a browse space via the web client, now I want that browse space to appear as a CIFS share… I've read lots of docs, I've searched this forum, I've watched webinars, I've poked around with the two file-server.xxxx files.  It looks like it should be enabled by default….  I'm just not getting what I need to do to turn it on and be able to share that browse space out.

It's like I'm getting TOO MUCH info, some of it depricated, and it's all confusing me.  Being a windows guy, all these config files are pretty overwhelming, but I've played with JBoss applications before and do have some experience with them, so it's not rocket science.  Is there a nice simple UP TO DATE doc that basically says 'DO THIS' to turn it on without trying to document every option available?  Thanks!