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Aspects and Content types

Question asked by norgan on Jul 13, 2009
Good evening, Alfresco community,

I am currently building my own aspects and content objects and have some questions :

I have a set of metadata, stored in "my:metaAspect".  And I have a content type

<type name="my:contentType">


<aspect name="my:metaAspect">
   <properties>some stuff</properties>
   <associations><association from source to

1) I want to assign an association based on the assigned aspect, so I would not neet my:contentType anymore. Is that possible ?
2) Can I set the content class via Aspect? (making any cm:content to a specialized my:contentType, when applied ?) (Iknow, you would not want to most of the time)
3) can I assign the contentclass via businessrule ?  edit: yes, i can - "specalize type" action.

One last question : Can I "create a content" without having to edit the "content file" (I just want the user to fill out the metadata, misusing alfresco as dbms for a simple table.

regards, Norgan