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Writing a custom JSP

Question asked by on Jul 14, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2009 by dranakan
Hi All,

I am getting to the next steps of Alfresco where I am trying to customize a JSP and then deploy now..

To start with, I used SDK Custom JSP project itself where we have document-details.jsp

I build the project using ant -f build and it has created a jar file and zip file for me. To deploy this extension, I copied the alfresco.war file to my project location and ran ant integrate-extension and it has given me the updated alfresco.war file.

After this I copied this war file inside my tomcat and restarted Alfresco. I have few questions now on the complete process

1) I am unable to see any changes for document-details.jsp file when I login to Alfresco using admin user id
2) Can I test this extension using my eclipse itself because in the current state, to make a simple change and test, it takes 10-15 mins for deployment part only. Any quick method will be helpful

3) We have lots of rules defined in faces-config.xml. How do we identify which rules have to come in this config file? Any ready reference for it?

4) If I want to keep all my extensions inside a single project then what is the best process we should adhere. I am looking into Jeff Potts book as well to modify login.jsp but it did not work either.

Will look forward to hear from people on the same..