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Content Rule (Update) + Worfklow Adding Aspect

Question asked by rob2020 on Jul 14, 2009

I've got an advanced workflow (jbpm defined) which is working OK where one user group sends a doc to another for approval.

Upon approval, a "approved" aspect gets added to the document and this is working fine.

Once the document is approved, I was planning to use a Content Rule in the space (Draft folder) to move the document to an Approved folder (quite keen to keep the move logic out of the workflow for now).

But the Content Rule doesn't seem to pick up the change to the document made by the Workflow.  If I re-run the Content Rules on the space manually it successfully moves the document.

Can anyone give me any pointers here?      Is there an explanantion for the on update content rule not picking up the new aspect being added via Worfklow javascript.   Is there a better approach here?