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Alfresco for audio / video file management?

Question asked by christophd on Jul 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2010 by jsauer
Hi all,

just a quick question:

How well does Alfresco (running community edition 3.2 at the moment) support content management of audio and video files?

I just tried uploading a random sound sample to Alfresco and the upload seems to work fine yet I can't find the file when using the search functionality in the browser based Share component. Additionally since I uploaded the audio files the document library seems to get stuck at "Loading the Document Library…" (only in IE8 though, Chrome seems to do fine).

Regardless of the browser I can access the files via the "Recently Modified Documents" dashboard component though there it says under Metadata: "Not enough configuration found for item "cm:content", at least one <show> element must be present."

So I'm somewhat confused with regard to the default capabilities when it comes to audio / video file formats. Are there plugins or extensions for example to do things like reading an .MP3 file's ID3 tags and putting them into the metadata field of the Document Library?

Any pointers, comments and advice are much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,