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Alfresco Web Studio

Question asked by keerthi on Jul 15, 2009
Am new to this Alfresco Web Studio. I want to create a web site with the help of alfresco web studio.

I want to create the web site with so many pages. I want to know how to correlate all the pages and plz give some valuable suggestion to create a web site. ( Plz let me know details to create a web site with more than one page)

The  following are the issues which i have faced

1. I have created  a web site with the help of Alfresco Web studio. Initially when i start this web studio it shows the "Template association link". But when i create next time it will not showing the template and also i will not be able to create new template.  

2. After createing the template i want to place a image with the link in that particular region. I can able to place the image with the help of Component and the web content. But i need to give the link for that  image. So i have decided to include the html page instead of image. But here what the problem is i want to give the path of the image in html file.
The image is stored inside Alfresco web client. Could you plz tel me the path of the image ..

my image location is
—Company home
——Web Project
———EHS(web project name)
————inside Sandbox (image folder)

i want to give this path inside my html page.

inside Html Pages

<a href="registration.html"><img src="What should i give here" alt="Apply Now" width="192" height="66" border="0" /></a>

location path for the imges is as below;www;avm_webapps;ROOT;images;apply-button.jpg/apply-button.jpg