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Can't access my Document Workspace from Word 2007

Question asked by christophd on Jul 15, 2009
Hi all,

I've spent the past few hours toying around with this and trying out the various solutions described in the forums but I still can't get Word 2007 to open my Document Workspace.

Following the "Managing Alfresco Content from within Microsoft Office" guide I had no issues creating a document workspace on http://localhost:7070/alfresco. I can also upload documents to it which are then accessible via the Web interface.

However when I re-start Word 2007 and open a document from the share I always end up looking at a "The address http://localhost:7070/alfresco is not valid." error. Like others have reported sometimes this error pops up right away, other times I'm asked for my username and password (sometimes 2 or 3 times) before the error message shows up.

I've also manually added vti-module.amp to alfresco.war and doing the root.war dance (before finding out that the second step wasn't even necessary anymore :wink: ), however to no avail.

Using the Office add-in also doesn't seem like a real option as adding new documents doesn't work at all plus I'm running into empty error-message every now and then (e.g. when trying to open a document that someone else has checked out atm).

Anyway, I'm not really sure how to proceed at this point so all comments, pointers and advice are much appreciated.  :)

Oh, and I'm using the community edition 3.2 on Vista by the way.