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configuring dynamic deployment

Question asked by apwynne on Jul 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2009 by samuel.penn

I'm quite new to Alfresco and am currently evaluating it, particularly with regards the WCM functionality.

I now have a deployment receiver configured and working using the "default" target which is a file system deployment reciever and that all works fine.

Now I'm trying to configure a second deployment receiver for dynamic content delivery.

According to the wiki there sould be a target called "avm" but when I specify a deployment receiver to use that target on port 44100, the deployment fails.

Digging a little more into it, it seems the "avm" target would normally be defined in a file called deployment\avm-target.xml or something similar, but that doesn't seem to exist on my install. Do I have to create it? If so, where can I get a sample file from as a basis? There is an entry in the wiki at but no sample xml congig (although there is sample xml for the file system receiver page).

I do I ignore all the AVM stuff and start investigating the (deprecated) ASR recevier options instead?

A few minutes help from someone who knows how to get this going would be really useful!