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Alfresco 3.2, AVM Webscripts and Transactions

Question asked by jack.jin on Jul 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2009 by jack.jin

We're currently having an issue (alfresco 3.2 only) executing a webscript that does the following -

Step 1. Creates a folder in ROOT, in sitename–username:/www/avm_webapps/ROOT

parentContainer = containingFolder.createNode(, "wcm:avmplainfolder");

Step 2. Submitting the folder into staging.

usersandboxes[0].submit(files, label, comment);

In Alfresco 3.1, the webscript would create the folder, and submit it to the staging sandbox just fine.  But in Alfresco 3.2, the webscript creates the folder, then freezes indefinitely when it tries to submit the newly created folder to staging.  Then, the folder is no where to be found.

After testing in 3.2, we've discovered that in 3.2 if you create the folder with webscript A, then submitted the folder into staging with webscript B, everything works just fine.  The folder gets created, then the submit to staging worked.

We have a few questions and theories.  Please comment and discuss on them, or share similar experiences.

1) How come we can't create a folder, and submit it to staging with the same webscript in 3.2?  Does webscript execute asynchronously in 3.2?  Is it the way we're submitting the folder to staging?  Is there anything we can set in our webscript/overall configuration to allow this?

2) Did the default transaction setting for webscript change for 3.2?  We were able to create the folder, do logger.log and print out the new folders properties, then, when it freezes at the submit, the folder is no where to be found.  Again, this was not the case in 3.1.  In 3.1, if our webscripts failed half way through after creating a folder, the folder would still be there after the webscript fails.

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