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Change property approveFolder of document

Question asked by ndk on Jul 17, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2009 by lista
I use some scripts where i want to change the property "app:approveFolder" of a document.

I do it like this (in script):["app:approveFolder"] = companyhome.childByNamePath(path);
where document = document i want to move to another folder.

Normally if i approve, the document goes to the folder i want.
if path is for example "/work/ICT" it works fine, but if i use a bigger path like "/work/ICT/programming/Manager" i have an error, he don't saves the path and["app:approveFolder"] is null…

so the error is:
Wrapped Exception (with status template): Failed to execute script (in repository store workspace://SpacesStore/Company Home/Data Dictionary/Web Scripts Extensions)': Destination Node is a mandatory parameter

i'm sure the folder exists.

Does someone know what the problem is?