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New connector for I.R.I.S. imaging software

Question asked by dgenard on Jul 17, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2011 by dgenard
ALFEA Consulting just released a new connector for I.R.I.S. and Alfresco.

I.R.I.S. ( provides excellent imaging solutions featuring
- Automatic document recognition
- Document sorting and indexing
- Highly compressed PDF generation

With the connector developed by ALFEA Consulting, you can easily build complete solutions based on Alfresco, IRISPowerscan and/or IRIS Capture Pro.
The connector safely transfers scanned document to Alfresco. Extracted data are translated into aspects and properties for automatic dispatching or classification.

The connector is designed to
- support high scanning volumes
- ensure documents and their metadata integrity
- avoid document loss in case of network or server breakdown

The connector is based on CMIS standard ( to easily plug into different ECM solutions, including Alfresco.
ALFEA Consulting also provides required web scripts for backward compatibility with Alfresco releases up to 2.1.

ALFEA Consulting is an IT service company specialized in ECM, Alfresco partner and I.R.I.S. solutions reseller & integrator.

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Denis Genard