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IMAP Error in Outlook - duplicate UID

Question asked by tbuehrer on Jul 18, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2011 by tsenn
I have the IMAP system up and running in Labs 3.2 on a Windows server.  I have configured Outlook to access the repository via IMAP and selected two of our Sites as IMAP favorites.  After a few tries, Outlook populates itself with information about our repository, though this process seems to take forever and ultimately seems to hang.  (Outlook initially reports it will take 4 minutes to update and then the time period gets longer and longer until eventually it times out or generates an error.)  Usually, Outlook does not finish updating the IMAP feed from our Share site but reports an error that the IMAP server has generated a duplicate UID.  Interestingly, if I then check the details it is always the same UID number.  I have deleted and recreated the account in Outlook and get the same result.  Is anyone else having a problem like this and is there a solution?