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Drop down list + user add value

Question asked by baby77 on Jul 20, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2009 by baby77
i have one question,how can i extend my custom-model.xml to add new property value if the value doesn't exist without restarting alfresco.
At my case the problem and difucullty is that user can't add value in drop down list by himself,every time i need to open custom-model.xml and add value by hand.
And this is no more functional for me? I'am using constratint LIST.
I thought about writing a new aspect with property type text.This will fix my first problem,user could add value,but how could this value be added to thoose in drop down list?Or do i need to use some form to add new value and extra java programming?
Lost in looking for solution. :(

Some tips?