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SearchService.selectNodes(...) example

Question asked by eolith on Jul 20, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by mrksjs

I'm trying to find sample code using the "selectNodes" method from SearchService, but I haven't found anything at all.

I want to do a attribute-based search with the documents contained in a specified folder, and I think this method could be useful for this purpose.

The "selectNodes" method has 5 params:

NodeRef contextNodeRef - the context node for relative expressions etc
String xpath - the xpath string to evaluate
QueryParameterDefinition[] parameters - parameters to bind in to the xpath expression
NamespacePrefixResolver namespacePrefixResolver - prefix to namespace mappings
boolean followAllParentLinks - if false ".." follows only the primary parent links, if true it follows all

contextNodeRef -> my folder nodeRef, I guess… ??
xpath -> "/" for current space?
parameters -> search parameters? I don't know how to create "QueryParameterDefinition" objects…
namespacePrefixResolver -> ????
followAllParentLinks -> I don't know what it means…

Thanks for your help.