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How can I delete a Share site from Alfresco web client?

Question asked by warmbowski on Jul 20, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2009 by norgan
I cannot delete a site through the Share interface due to this bug.

The bug in a nutshell: In Alfresco CE 3.2, you cannot create share sites with a name that starts with a digit (0-9) due to url encoding problems. If you do you will get errors relating to the document library and it's filtered links. The other problem is that you will not be able to delete this site through the Share interface. You will get an error message when attempting to do this, and it will not delete.

I thought that it might be possible to delete the site via the Alfresco web client. My test was to change the name of the Share site via the Alfresco web client. Doing so broke the ability to search for any sites in the Share interface. All I got was an error message and no sites would list (changing the name back to the original made it work again). So there are some associations set up in the database by Share that need to be deleted by Share.

So my question is this: Is there a proper way to delete a Share site through the Alfresco Web Client that will make sure to delete any associations that may have been set up by Share? Or do I need to do some manual deleting of database entries along with deleting the folder from the web client? If the latter is true, please tell me what db entries to delete.

Alfresco 3.2 CE full install on CentOS 5.1