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Managing Document Packages in Alfresco

Question asked by on Jul 21, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2010 by zaizi
I have a couple of issues I would appreciate anyones input on as to how they can be handled, or if possible examples.

1. I'd like to use Alfresco as a repository for a CAD drawing management system (Pro/Engineer).  However, the CAD package has 100's of individual files for each drawing that I'd like to automatically manage as a set using version control in Alfresco.  I thought about the possiblity of creating a directory import such that I zip the directory into a single file and version that within Alfresco and automatcially unzip it when checked out.  The idea being that the user shouldn't have to worry about how we manage the CAD data-set within Alfresco, and the users don want to be bothered with trying to manage these files individually.

Any alternative/better solutions, examples of how otheres have managed it ?

2. At various times during the drawing life-cycle we need to generate documents for customer sign-off for a number of different CAD drawings.  These aren't the drawing files themselves, but generally PDF's that we generate of the drawings.  Currently, it is a time-consuming process to collect the files; print them off; generate a transmittal form listing all documents issued; and the courier them off.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to simply:
  • select one, or usually more, documents (from different Spaces) and select a "Add to Client package"

  • automatically generate a Transmittal form, with the list of documents issued

  • complete any additional information/instructions on the transmittal form and select "Checkout package to Client"

  • Zip all files into a single transmittal package, including a PDF of the transmittal form, and e-mail to the customer
Have you done something like this before?  I'd be really interested in how you've handled it, or any ideas you have on how it may be done.