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Alfresco for DB applications ?

Question asked by norgan on Jul 21, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2009 by kbonnet
Hi there,
what do you think about using Alfresco to store structured records of data other than "natural" files.

The usecase would be : I have 15 uses for documents and need to store some datarecords as well. When do I want a separate application, when could I implement this with Alfresco as well.

Possible implementations coming to mind:
* storing dummy file with data as metadata, recordsets assigned via aspects, reports & views generated via webscript
* using webscripts to handle forms. store data in XML file, stored in spaces
* use standalone code, store data via API in repository
* use standalone code, store data in another DB

Why do I want to use Alfresco ? To reuse WebGUi, Useradministration, Workflows, Messaging, tagging, Search …

So what would you do - and when ?