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Cyrillic and mixed file names / property informaiton

Question asked by wmay on Jul 21, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2011 by figgy09
I made some tests with the Enterprise version 3.0 and the Community version 3.2 if it is possible to work with Cyrillic or mixed English / Cyrillic filenames or properies. The result is that when you add a file with cyrillic characters in the name or try to rename a file from CIFS then the Cyrillic characters are replaced by "????…". The file can then not deleted or renamed from CIFS, can not deleted from the ALF Explorer. You have to rename it first by the ALF Explorer and then you can work with this file again. The same happens when you do this from the Alfresco Explorer. This happens with the filename and also when you try to add or edit properties with such Cyrillic characters. After save they are replaced by "?????…."

When we use Cyrillic or mixed characters with a local drive on windows XP or with a samba share we do not have a problem - the file name is correct displayed and all Cyrillic characters are displayed and not replaced.

So it seems that Alfresco is not able to handle Cyrillic characters or mixed characters. But when we add a PDF document which also contains Cyrillic or mixed text the text information is correct extracted - correct displayed in the ALF Explorer preview of the extracted text and the search engine is also able to search and to find the Cyrillic texts and strings. So this part of Alfresco seems to be able to work with Cyrillic characters and text information.

My questions:

- does someone uses Alfresco together with Cyrillic or mixed filenames (CIFS) or document properties which contains Cyrillic characters?
- Is there any setting or configuration for the Alfresco installation / Explorer to configure that Cyrillic characters are supported alone or mixed with other languages characters ?
- can it be possible that the used SQL database (we tested MySQL) or the configuration of the SQL datebase is the problem why Cyrillic characters are not accepted or converted to "????…"

Thank you for help