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Allow Content Contrib. deleting files owned by other users

Question asked by heinrich.franz on Jul 22, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2009 by zaizi
Hi there,

I would like to give a Content Contributor the right to delete files and folders owned by Content Managers with the normal submit/approval concept. Therefore I changed the permission group of the collaborator in permissionDefinition.xml:

     <permissionGroup name="Collaborator" allowFullControl="false" expose="true">
         <includePermissionGroup permissionGroup="Editor" type="cm:cmobject" />
         <includePermissionGroup permissionGroup="Contributor" type="cm:cmobject" />
          <includePermissionGroup permissionGroup="Delete" type="sys:base" />

Unfortunately the users now can delete the deployment servers and make other edit changes to the web project. Do anybody have an idea how to restrict the delete rights only to files in the sandbox etc.? Thanks in advance!