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JCR XML for Archiving?

Question asked by stebans on Jul 23, 2009
Hi All,

I'm currently trying to export/import documents and spaces from Alfresco with JCR API as to produce standard JCR XML documents that should be kept for some time. The core JCR Export sums up as a call to this method
session.exportSystemView("/app:company_home/cm:a_space", outFile, boolean bBinary, boolean bRecurse);
As stated by the JSR-170 specs, JCR XML files are standards among JCR compliant apps. See for instance by Jochen Toppe
XML import and export are natively built into the specification, easily allowing the integration of other software components.
Can someone tell me if Alfresco JCR Export are really one way to go for removing data from Alfresco (and maybe reimporting it later on if needed)? I read ACP are not meant for long time archiving, and well, tend to change with upgrading versions (I might be wrong on this point). Is there an ACP version tag that could be always present, helping for future reimport ?

I've been disappointed by the fact that mimeType is not exported along the JCR export. Is there a way to do it, from a pure JCR point of view ?

Thanks in advance,