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Follow Up Timer

Question asked by norgan on Jul 23, 2009
Hi there,
has anyone implemented a Followup Timer at some point ?

I want to do the following:
* Contentobject gets assigned "FollowUp" Workflow or Aspect
* FollowUp has 3 Standardintervalls relativ to start.
* userdefined additional followups possible

Two implementations come to mind:
1. Workflows
a) Workflow "standard" with three standardtimers
b) Workflow "manual" with one timer (multiple assignments necessary, configurable recipient/group)
c) Action "OverdueMailalarm" & CustomView "OverDueItems Dashboard"

2. Aspect (something like recordsmanagement approach)
a) Metadata "list of duedates"
b) adminstarted endlessworkflow, checking for "overdues" and generating email to "owner" every x hours
c) Customview "OverDueItems dashboard" with due/overdue items

Which one would you prefer - and why ?

Thanks in advance,