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Downloading multiple files/checkout multiple files

Question asked by sans12 on Jul 23, 2009
Hello All,
In order to work from home, I need to check-out more than 1 file sometimes folders from the Alfresco server in my office.
Export functionality creates a .acp which can be checked-out & working copy downloaded. After downloading, I make changes to couple of files. I update the working .acp copy & check-in the updated .acp
I would like to update the actual files with this updated files in zip. Run action import will not work as the directories & file are of same name.
E.g: Export a space "Test" containing file test1.txt, test2.doc
Check-out test.acp & download it.
Make changes to contain0.txt, containt1.doc
Update the test.acp, check-in the same.
Try run action import test.acp fails as test space with test1.txt & test2.doc already exists.
The only way I can see is "deleting the original folders" & importing the updated folder from test.acp.
Any other way to achieve the same???