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Enterprise Version License and price

Question asked by zoao on Jul 23, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2009 by zaizi

    Now that the alfresco, has a clearer licensing model and versions (in my opinion much better), where features exist only in the Enterprise version and maintenance versions are released more frequent (correction of bugs) for the enterprise version .

  Why not is there a cheaper license, which allows access to the benefits of enterprise version, without having to pay for support / installation of Alfresco or its partners?

  My situation (I believe that many of the others are in the same situation) is that I am a freelancer, I am now a client who is interested in mounting an intranet and in principle I will choose the Alfresco Share. But paying more than € 15,000 for the product and installation is completely impossible, however if for example about 3000 € just for software, as could be possible.

Thus also was to contribute a little to the excellent product and work you have done and that should be rewarded, but for smaller projects should have an intermediate license.